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As we transition from CITS to Flex, we are excited to share the enhancements we’ve made to our services to better serve our clients in Tanzania, East Africa, and across the African continent. We are dedicated to putting our clients first, and our commitment to service excellence remains at the core of everything we do. In our commitment to meeting the ever-evolving demands of the market, we are thrilled to introduce a range of our services that cater to the diverse needs of businesses and the society in Tanzania and beyond. These services include:-

Software Development

At the core of our service offerings lies software development. Building on the legacy of CITS, we have continued to excel in this domain. Our dedicated team has created robust software products known for their flexibility and adaptability to meet the unique..

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IT Governance Framework

In this era of evolving regulations, we specialize in providing Technology-Related Regulatory Compliance Solutions. We keep you up to date by covering regulatory requirements as they are introduced and changed, especially in industries such as ..

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Call Center as a Service

As part of our continuous innovation and adaptability to the dynamic business landscape, we proudly present a new addition to our service offerings: “Call Center as a Service.” Our recent development and testing of a cloud-based version of our contact..

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CITS Software Products

Fléx Software suite is the name given to the group of software products developed by Flex. They are named so because of flexibility in terms of simplicity, customization, integration, and ease to use.

CITS Software Products

Fléx Software suite includes software like; Fléx Contact Center solution, Fléx CRM (a Customer Relationship Management System), Fléx Fx (a foreign exchange management system), Fléx Performance, Fléx Asset, and Fléx Boardroom

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Welcome to Flex, formerly known as Corporate Information Technology Solutions (CITS). The company was incorporated in 2010 with a strong commitment in helping clients increase their productivity through efficient and secure solutions.

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